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Dr. Hitchcock graduated with highest honors from the University of Florida. She then attended the world renowned Mayo Clinic for medical school. She returned to her hometown of Orlando Florida to train at Florida Hospital to become a family physician. She has been board certified by the American Board of Family Practice since 2001.

Since graduating from residency and receiving numerous awards including Resident of the Year, Teacher of the Year, Nurses’ Choice award, and academic award Dr. Hitchcock has become an Associate Professor of Medicine for Florida State University Medical School. She teaches medical students in the office setting. She recently has been voted one of the top doctors in America.

Dr. Hitchcock has founded the Hitchcock Health Institute for one simple reason: she strives to take excellent care of her patients. She and her staff believe that all patients deserve to have the best healthcare possible. Keeping up with the latest medical information in the traditional medicine and alternative medicine realms is necessary and vital in this day of continually evolving healthcare.


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Phoenicia Center
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Monday: 7:00am - 4:00pm
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